Saturday, October 25, 2008

Natural Treatment for Eczema - Get rid of Eczema

Finding the right method of treatment to cure Eczema can be frustrating, especially with the discomfort it brings to people with this skin condition. There are some many products and medicine that provide treatment on how to get rid of Eczema, but the questions is, does these methods of treatment cure the problem or just temporally delay it until the condition flares up again.

The good news is you don't need to visit the doctor and fork out money to buy medicine that won't fix the problem. Infact, there are natural ways to treat Eczema and get better results that keep Eczema from reoccurring again. Below are afew tips to keeping your skin nice and beautiful and not having nasty swelling and scars all over you:

  1. The first thing you should do is monitor your diet and try eating foods that might trigger any allergies. A larger percentage of People that suffer from asthma also suffer from Eczema, research has shown Eczema to be a body response to foods that trigger allergies as well. Dairy products are advised to be kept away from.

  2. Use plenty of Moisturizer on your skin - this prevents your skin from becoming dry and itching. Get a moisterizer that is comfortable and easy to use. In the summer place your moisturizer in the fridge to keep it cool.

  3. One cause of Eczema is an inbalance in your digestive system or your levels of acidity are too high. Taking Kelp supplements can help controll and bring down the acidity levels make prevent Eczema from occuring.

  4. Stay away from lotion perfumes as these can irritate and cause itching on your skin. Som even cause burning to occur so keep away from them.

  5. Vitamin E supplements like Neem are good for the skin and help assist in the bodys general healing process. Vitamin E is an essential element that the human body use to heal itself quickly. This lotion also acts as a barrier to the skins surface thus preventing it from being dry.

There are dozens of other natural treatments for Eczema that can help eliminate this skin condition form your body and help you sleep peacefully at night.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

How to Get Rid of Eczema - Eczema Natural Treatment

One of the most common diseases of human skin is Eczema. This skin condition can affect both adults and children and can cause severe symptoms of itchiness, redness and dry forms of skin. In extreme cases of Eczema blisters can form on the affect areas making the skin open and form oozing from the wound. The question remains - How to get rid of Eczema??

There is no scientific answer to what the source of Eczema is but it's widely believed that Eczema is triggered by the human body responding to irritants outside of the body that causes skin reaction.

Eczema or Dermatitis as its otherwise known has medical treatment available, but nowadays many people are turning to alternatives like Eczema Natural treatment to treat this skin disorder.

You can find Natural treatments for Eczema through Natural or Holistic healing organisations who have products that can treat Eczema cases.

As mentioned before Eczema is at its most destructive when the skin is dry with no moisture. To maintain your skins moisture levels and preventing it from becoming dry alot of people use tamanu oil which when applied to the skin creates a barrier on the skins surface that prevents moisture from escaping. This oil when rubbing on can provide a soothing effect making it more comfortable to sleep at nights.

Using Vitamin E can also be a very good Eczema Natural treatment. Vitamin E contains substances that assist in the body's natural ability to heal itself. One product that contains Vitamin E is flax oil that can help the skin and also act as a form of anti-inflammatory to reduce swollen skin caused by Eczema.

Another way to treat infections caused by Eczema is Neem, using this natural treatment product can help heal sores that are caused by excessive scratching on the skin. Neem is an evergreen plant that can be used as a poultice on the skin to prevent infections reoccurring.

Moisturizers that contain natural ingredients are recommended as good eczema remedies. You can find and purchase these moisturizers at any health store or Pharmacy and stock them at home. It is advisable to keep these products in a cool place.

If you use emollients like aqueous creams then make sure you apply it frequently. These emollients are not as hydrant as ointments and thicker creams.

The biggest tip to controlling Eczema is staying away from foods that the person may be allergic to. In a lot of cases people that are allergic to dairy products seem to show suffer from Eczema. Allergic foods can trigger a body response and sometimes in the form of Eczema. So make sure that you stick to a diet that does not include Dairy Products.

It is important to constantly inform your physician if natural treatments are also being done in conjunction with medication to avoid any complications.

Make sure that you keep inform your doctor of any natural treatments you are using to avoid any complications that can occur if you are using normal medicine.

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